16 November 2014

Why Me

Why Me

We’ve all asked the question, “Why Me?” In fact, I remember many years ago it seemed as though only horrible things happened to me. What I didn’t realize, is that I was getting exactly what I asked for from the universe.

Instead of saying “that job is mine,” I would say something like “I’m not going to get that job, they’re going to pick someone else.” So, they did. You see, when we place conscious negatives into our subconscious creative thought centers, the subconscious mind does not know how to “not do” something. It is creative. It knows how “to do,” and has no understanding of “not doing.”

For example, how do we draw a picture of someone NOT running? We can’t. Because if they are NOT running, they’re doing something else. The subconscious mind cannot understand the big red circle with a line drawn through it. I can only work in image form … a series of still frame pictures that appear to be fluid and in constant motion. But just like a movie, they are “motion pictures” moving at a rate of so many frames per second. In the movie of our mind, we are either doing one thing, or we are doing something else. We cannot, NOT be doing something. We cannot NOT be swimming. If we’re NOT swimming, we’re doing something else. And it’s all about the doing, not the NOT doing.

So, back to the mind and our thoughts. When we say to ourselves “I hope I don’t have a bad day” … the universe and your subconscious mind hear “bad day.” And that’s what we’re going to get. But it we say instead, “today’s is going to be a great day” then the universe and your creative subconscious hear “great day” and that is what will manifest in form. Of course, we will also be subject to the effects of what others have chosen to manifest … the karma (cause and effect/doing) but we do have a choice in what WE choose.

As soon as I stopped being the “victim,” I began to see a change immediately. I began to become the “victor” instead. I tossed out the old “WHY ME?” mentality, started to apply positive thinking, and things quickly began to change. And by “positive thinking” I literally mean charged with positive polarity rather than negative polarity. I’m not saying “stay positive” I’m saying to think and speak in the positive. Use “do, can, and will,” instead of “don’t, can’t or won’t.” This is critical to manifesting the difference between what you want, and what you don’t want.

So, when we ask “Why Me?” … we have to understand that we are receiving from universal consciousness exactly that which we are asking for. So … spend a few extra moments and decide what it is that you WANT to manifest, and not what you DO NOT WANT to manifest. Everyone is linked through the Matrix of unconscious consciousness. Thoughts are things, they are energy, and they are floating all around us looking for a receiver. We must be careful what we transmit.

Our creative subconscious (Divine Feminine/Eve) mind converts everything to graphic images. Picture what you WANT, NOT what you DO NOT want. This is the secret, to the “Secret” … the Law of Attraction. It is immutable and works every time. It is Universal Law. Everything in the universe has it’s ups and downs. This is also Law. Our job, is to enjoy the ride up, not spend that time worrying about the ride down … and then when we hit the lows, we will be better able to deal with them by knowing full well that another wave of ups … is just around the next corner.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.