03 November 2014

Why There Are Always Two Sides

Why There Are Always Two Sides

We are inundated these days with advertising and marketing campaigns. Do they all tell the Truth. No, of course not. Read the fine print. It’s in the little tiny print that you find the details of the unbelievable amazing offers. As an example, I remember a car commercial that offered a brand new “Insert Brand” car for just $99/month. This was easily a $400/month car and it wasn’t a lease. It was to buy it and “pay only $99/month.” They hammered this price through the entire commercial. And at the very end, so fast it was barely recognizable language, the details said that it was $99/month for the first 3 months, and $429/month for the remaining 57 months of the finance offer.

Then there’s the “bait and switch.” Run an ad for a new car at a crazy low price, but when you get to the dealership, you find there is only one of them, and it’s a stripped down base model that no one would want. It’s a loss leader … a teaser to get you through the doors and step you up into the really nice much more expensive car instead. These guys are masters of the game. Stock one big screen TV you bought as a dealer for $200, advertise it for $100 … and then sell 30 higher end models for profit and only love the $100 when the single only one in stack that was advertised gets bought. It’s deceptive, but it’s perfectly legal. No one ever reads the small print.

This is the precise problem with spiritual and religious systems worldwide. No body reads the fine print. In fact, most don’t read any of the print. They expect someone else to read it for them, then tell them their opinion of what it says, and never take the time to check and see if it’s true, or untrue. This has led to millions of deaths worldwide, illness, disease, suffering, homelessness, hunger, and so much suffering simply because people haven’t taken the time and the initiative to find out for themselves what is the Truth, and what is illusion. Every single religion and belief system in the world is rooted in Ancient Spiritual wisdom dating back more than 10,000 years. Beneath it all, is the common foundation that the very Divine creative spark of Source/God is in all things and is in everyone … tying us together as One thing, and not the many.

So we find in advertising, in church, in temple, in government, in financing, in corporations, the Universal Law of Polarity. Two extremes, along one path. We find awesome, really good, good, ok, acceptable, not so good, bad, horrible, and deplorable all along the same scale of one thing. This formula is evidently clear in everything. And the sooner we realize it, the less disappointment we will experience and the more we will learn from our experiences.

These extreme poles help us to define what is real, and what is illusion - or maya. The pendulum swings equally in both directions. If something can be amazingly good, it will be equally amazingly bad in the opposite side of it’s region of polarity. If we have a –12, we will have a +12. Always equal extremes. As above, so below. As within, so without. Ups and downs, ins and outs always in equal opposites of polarity. At some point along the length of a magnet, it slowly converts from positive to negative. Where that point is, we do not know. It is gradual and incremental in tiny immeasurable segments.

When you see a Politician get caught for wrongdoing, don’t be surprised. When you see a religious leader caught for wrongdoing, don’t be surprised. When you see a Judge or Law Official get caught for wrongdoing, don’t be surprised. Just understand and accept the possibility that all of us can go in either direction along the lines of polarity. We learn from our experiences, and when do not repeat our negative consequences, we climb higher within to the place where we will KNOW the right thing to do. Kinda like adjust our bathwater without getting burned or cold.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.