03 November 2014

Origins of The Cross

The Origins of The Cross

In all the history of the world’s Divine Saviours, they share the esoteric meaning of the cross. They are all similar in that the represent the Creative Principle (Divine) crucified upon the cross of matter.

The cross is not Christian in it’s origins. The cross is a universal symbol found throughout the ancient world upon their artifacts, temples, and tablets. In centuries BCE (BC) the actual City of Nicea was designed in the form of a cross. Centuries later, the Aztecs used the cross as their symbol.

If you look at man himself, standing straight up with arms outstretched, we can see a living symbol of this cross and it’s mythical model. The mythical cross is cosmic in origin, not human. The significance of this cross is not because a man or Saviour was crucified upon it. In fact the myths of all Saviours say they were crucified upon a cross. There is significance to this. And it is not a literal historical wooden cross with nails.

The cross, like everything in Christian stories, is Pagan Mythology. In fact, Christianity did not choose the cross until more than 300 afters after the supposed literal crucifixion as it’s representative symbol. It had use the swastika, another ancient symbol for creative motion. The original word is Sanskrit and was suastika - meaning “good, being, well.” Later, a lamb was used as the symbol representing Aries. Ultimately, the “crucifix” (the man nailed to and hung upon a cross) replaced it all among the Roman Church as it does today. A symbol of suffering and death rather than enlightenment and illumination.

In ancient times, there were planetary and zodiacal meanings. 12 Stations of the Zodiac, in Greece there were “12 Labours of Hearacles,” and in Egypt “12 tortures.” The initiates into the Inner Mysteries of the hidden Wisdom had to suffer before he would be given the Sacred Tau, the cross of the hierophant (ancient priest).

The seven major miracles are identical with the seven days of creation in the first book of the Bible - Genesis (meaning beginning or birth). This is Cosmology or Astrotheology … heaven and God in the stars, skies, and planetary actions. As above, so below. As within, so without. As evolving, so involving. The story of creation was written in the stars long before Christianity by the Pagan Mystics. See the 12 Houses of the Zodiac (12 Apostles) surrounded by the Sun of God (Christ/Sun) and you see much of where all the spiritual myths were derived.

The cross, from the sky-view (heavens/Ouranos) … the constellation Crux – otherwise called the Southern Cross – can be seen from Earth’s Southern Hemisphere and from tropical and subtropical regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

There is much more than can be covered on this subject but far too much for one article. We haven’t even touched upon the Egyptian Ankh and it’s metaphysical meanings and symbols. It is the Key of Life. We will go into more details in a future issue.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.