28 November 2014

Its All In Your Head

It’s All In Your Head

We all probably learned this way back in high school, so here’s a recap for you anyway. It takes 8½ minutes for the light from the sun, traveling 186,000 miles per second, to reach us here on Earth. That means that the sun we see isn’t the “real” sun. It’s the sun that was out there 8 ½ minutes ago. We missed it … and we always will.

In fact, absolutely everything we see is not the real thing. It’s the thing that it was a split second ago, when our eyes turned it into electrical signals and sent it to the vision center in the back of our brain, where it was interpreted as sunlight. Reminder … the sun (and everything else you see) is in your brain’s Vision Center (in your head), not “out there" somewhere. You can fly from New York to London and you did it all inside your head.

Our genius brain has a way to convince us that it’s all happening right now. But we can only see the past. In true reality, there is no such thing as the present. Think about that for a moment. If you try to grab the present moment, it’s already in the past, no matter how hard you try to break the experience down into the tiniest of nano-seconds. It has already “passed.” What we truly have is NOW, and it changes to a new NOW every nanosecond.

According to the immense and highly respectful research of Albert Einstein, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. So someday, when the sun completely burns out (which it inevitably will), we actually won’t know about it here on earth until the very last light rays reach us … 8 ½ minutes later. That moment will be fascinating (well sort-of) for science, if we’re still living - which we probably won’t be for long, unless we’ve made plans to move elsewhere. And given the level of reality world planning we’ve seen lately, I’m not very optimistic that a new place of residence will ever become reality.

But then, what if a psychic says, “Last night I had a dream that the sun burned out - we’ve got about 8 minutes left" So what does that do to Einstein’s theory? Some things must travel faster than the speed of light. What Einstein meant was that nothing you can measure in Consensus Reality (the logical reality we all agree upon) travels faster than the speed of light. 

But the psychic’s prediction is in Non-Consensus Reality, and telepathy, thoughts, dreams, and a whole host of things that can’t be measured. Some of us would believe the prediction, some of us wouldn’t. And honestly, if the sun burned out, it probably wouldn’t matter much either way. 

Yet it suggests that there is already a future out there that can be grabbed and experienced right now, and that the past and the future co-exist on some level. If some form of the future is already there, then there’s no traveling at all. And that ,,, is MUCH faster than the speed of light.

Everything we perceive through our senses as “external stuff,” or matter - like the coffee table, a bird, the sidewalk, the mountains, your neighbor, cars and boats, the earth, the cosmos - is in reality, merely only electrical signals in our brain. That’s it. Electrical signals. What we call “matter” is merely vibrational energy manifesting at the lowest frequency of vibration.

We see a colorful bird in our external world. But it’s not really “out there,” it’s in our head. It’s perceived, identified and labeled, in the pitch dark reality in our heads. It is the transfer of electrical perceptive energy being analyzed by and in our brain where it is identified, labelled, and communicated to us what it is.

The light particles reflect off the bird, enter our eyes, and are converted into electrical signals that get transmitted by neurons to the vision center all the way in the back of our brain. And the Vision Center is this tiny dark place that interprets the electrical signals, and somehow “tells” us what we’re seeing.

Just to remind you, your brain, completely encased in your skull, is sealed off from light. Its interior is in absolute darkness. It is impossible for the brain to have any direct contact with light itself. Think about that for a minute. The brain is never illuminated. It is always in total pitch darkness. Yet we see the flaming light of a burning candle, the sun burns brightly, and we watch a brilliantly colorful and magnificently lit world inside our totally dark brain … NOT outside of it.

All our OTHER senses are perceived and interpreted in the brain too. Through electrical signals and energy transference. In fact, our brain, throughout our lives, NEVER EVER confronts the original version of the matter existing “out there.” It is an impossibility. It only gets the electrical copy. We think that these copies are instances of real stuff outside of us, but we are deeply misled my friend.

Distance is just a feeling of space that is formed in your brain. And so colours are also added in our head as hues - frequencies of different ranges. Looking at the stars, we know and sense that they’re gazillions of light years away. But in actuality, the stars are right inside you, in the vision center of your brain.

Mind blown yet? How about this. Right now you are not actually inside of a room - but the room is inside of you. And seeing your body makes you think you are inside of it, but your body is just a sensory image and experience formed inside your brain. So, your body, is actually INSIDE your brain as well.

The only reality we actually cope with, is the world of perceptions we experience within our minds. And since we can never really reach the external world, ask yourself - how can we possibly be sure that it actually exists?

Maybe the brain, in its darkness and isolation, makes it all up so it won’t be lonely and bored. Maybe as a spiritual and not a physical being, we got bored and hit the SURPRISE button and here we are … having this perceptual experience. And just one more for kicks … since the brain can actually perceive itself … the brain is ALSO inside the brain.

Just a thought … (inside my brain)

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.