05 November 2014

Wall of Fear

Wall of Fear

Many people today have been programmed since birth and throughout their life to accept certain beliefs into their subconscious and conscious minds. Some of these beliefs have been with them for so long that they end up in the storage compartments of their unconscious mind. You might have no problem recalling what you had for lunch yesterday, that’s still in your RAM … random access memory. But when you try and remember you kindergarten teachers name, it may take some time to dig it out of the archives deep in your storage boxes.

When people hear new information, that goes against what they have already accepted as a personal belief, we call it “cognitive dissonance.” The wall of fear goes up and they say “no … that’s not what I believe so the information is unacceptable.” But this is not how we learn, and grow our knowledge and our higher consciousness. It’s as if you’re walking in the rain with your umbrella closed. You see that it is raining, but you refuse to accept it.

We get comfortable with the things we believe. At some point, we heard an opinion from someone, made a decision on that opinion, and accepted it into our belief system. It doesn’t matter if it is medical, political, educational, religious, or social. We become “familiar” with it and do not want to change. Our ego says “everything’s ok why change it now?” But our deeper self, the Spirit within that actually controls most of our functions as a human being, already knows what is true and what is not.

If we accept something into our belief system that is a lie, an illusion, or just simply false information, our Inner Self has to find a way to reject it. This results in physical illness and disease (dis-ease). Therefore, the more we are able to eject the lies, to reprogram the illusions, the better our emotional, spiritual, and physical health will be. But that ego gets in the way. It wants to be right all the time and wants to be in-charge, even though it was never meant to be the Captain of the ship. The ego is the ships radar, always on the look out for trouble and reminding us of what happened the last time. If we take a few extra moments to ingest new information (in-formation), research the level of Truth versus illusion before we accept something and believe it, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble.

Like a parachute, the mind works best when it is open. When we close our mind to new ideas and new information simply because it goes against what we have already accepted as belief, we are short-changing our life experience. We’re here to learn, to make “mistakes” or errors in judgement. We are here to “sin” as the Bible puts it. Because if we don’t don’t understand the immutable Law of Cause and Effect, we can’t learn, we can’t progress, and we get stuck in a rut of endless ignorance. Ignorance is the opposite polarity of knowledge. So, the more we know, the less we are ignorant. You’ve heard it said ignorance is bliss, but would you honestly take the blue pill and continue on in a life of illusion, or would you take the red pill and find the Truth. The decision is yours. But if you wish to grow the Matrix of Universal Unconsciousness … the fiber of ALL knowledge that we all have access to … then you must drop the walls of fear.

Throughout the vast polarity of emotions, they all dwindle down to just two. Love, and Fear. And if you choose Love, peace, and joy, your life will be abundantly better than operating out of all the negative emotions. Open your mind to new information - new thought. At least consider it. When it gives you that “Ah-Ha” moment, it is your Spirit re-membering what you already know, and not what you are learning. Your Higher Self was born out of this world with the eternal Truth that has the power to keep you alive without you even being consciously involved. Don’t yu think the same Source Energy already knows Truth, from illusion?

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.