03 November 2014

Jesus In The Zodiac

Jesus In The Zodiac

This article comes with a warning. If you are a Christian, or follow modern Christianity with a belief that Jesus is God in the flesh, died, resurrected from the dead, performed miracles, and was a real human being tht actually existed and roamed the hills of the Gallilee … and you want to continue those beliefs and know nothing more about the history, then skip this article and go no further. If you are looking for alternative history based on ancient hidden mysteries, and the Wisdom of the Ages, and are sound enough in your quest, then please read on.

Solar Mythology and The Jesus Story

Although there are many deep spiritual teaching and ancient Wisdom found beneath the shallow and incorrect literal-historical interpretation of the Bible, today we are going to concentrate on the Celestial Origins of these myths and fable and exclude the Inner Mysteries.

The basic plot and passion play myth including a crucified Saviour, already existed among many civilizations and other religions hundreds of years before the alleged time of Jesus The Christ of the New Testament Bible. In fact, the myths can be traced back more than 10,000 years BCE to ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and the entire Mesopotamian region.

The Jesus story is actually and allegory and metaphor for one of the oldest events that human history has ever recorded in ancient tablets, glpyhs, and scrolls. This event is the annual passage of the seasons of the year. The annual seasonal events and changes pertaining to the SUN of God, and the celestial heavens of the skies above our lower world of matter.

In the days of old, people watched the skies day and night. There were no cell phones, DVD players, or Internet WiFi connections … nor even books to keep them entertained and help occupy their time. They talked, and they thought. Eventually, they would write, and we are the benefactors of those things they felt important enough to commit to the written word.

They worked by day, and slept by night. No elecrticity to flip on the nights. The sun goes down, the man goes down. With, no doubt, a great deal of fear for the darkness and what it could bring as threatening conditions. As they would gaze at the night sky, realizing certain reoccurring patterns, they would try and make sense of it all as having grand design by deity(s) much greater than they were. As the stories grew, they were added to. As the generations passed, the people began to believe that what once began as allegory, was actual literal history.

Today, we have watches and clocks. Back then, sundials casting shadows in different positions throught the passin of the day into night. Heaven has always been up, and hell has always been down. Heaven and hell are not just theological opposite states, but also geometrically opposite. Above, and below. Up, and down. The Jesus story takes place in Heaven … in the skies above. In the world of the constellations. The entire New Testament story of Jesus, is but the annual cycle of the sun through the constellations and the passing of the annual seasons. There is more at an esoteric spiritual level but for now we stay with Solar Myth to better define this procession of God/Source Energy … the power behind the Sun and the seasons.

At the time the Jesus story was written, the sun was considered to be born in Capricorn … around December 25th. This is where it begins it’s annual ascent traveling up through the ecliptic and into Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Aquarius is where the Jesus story begins. The rainy season begins, the first step towards the recovery of the annual harvest process. Within the church, Jesus (the Sun) visits John the Baptist (water/Aquarius).

In February, the sun is now in Pisces (the fishes). Great time to go fishing after all that rain. Not so good for the hunters or any harvest yet from agriculture so fishing is sustenance for the people. Remember, the symbol for Jesus is the fish (Vesica Pisces). Remember also his fisherman friends, his fishing adventures, his multiplying of fish, etc. Remember, after Jesus visits John the Baptist, John was put into prison? No details and Jesus just leaves. But, as astronomical allegory, we see it i because by now, at sunset, the constellation of Aquarius is moving below the horizon.

Jesus, the sun, continues on his way to Galilee. Galilee means “circuit” or closed circular path. The ecliptic is the path the sun travels along during each year. Also, in February, Pisces (the two fish), is where the sun enters its next path. Jesus visits Simon and Andrew, the two fisherman. Aries, the ram (lamb of March) follows Pisces.

During March, baby animals begin to be born … and so are baby lambs. Remember, Jesus is referred to as “The Lamb of God.” Also, remember in the OT Bible, it was a ram who was sacrificed in the Abraham story.

In March, the crops begin to grow. The days get longer and warmer. At the time of the Vernal Equinox, Christians celebrate Easter. East-er because the sun is now rising due east. It is customary for Christians to wake early for sunrise, then head to mass and announce “he has risen.”

In April, the sun passes through Taurus (the bull/Symbol of Rome). In May, the sun passes across the Milky Way … stars that appear as a lake in the sky. At this point Jesus goes to the lake and walks on water. The reflection of the sun on the surface of the water is also an indicator of allegorically “walking on water.”

Next, the sun crosses into the constellation of Gemini, the twins. After crossing the lake, Jesus heals two demon possessed men. We now reach June and the sun passes through Cancer (the crab) and we reach the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year. Now the days get shorter.

In July, the sun passes through Leo (the Lion) and enters the strong hot days of summer. In the Jesus story, John (Aquarius) reappears and is beheaded. Notice the movement across the horizon from Aquarius to Pisces. After six months, Aquarius begins to rise at sunset and appears as thought the head is cut off by the horizon. This, is John the Baptist, rising from the dead among those who are below the Earth. The beheading of John, is a personification of darkness. Jesus goes to the mountaintop and shines brightly, just as the sun shines brightly during the summer months.

After Leo the Lion comes Virgo (the Virgin) for the harvest season. The image is even depicted as holding a grain of wheat. Summer passes on into August … the harvest. The food which grows from the virgin soil of Earth. Virgo is the eternal celestial virgin. Farmers wait each year and are known as “husbandmen” wedding their fields to the virgin every year. This is the happiest time of year. Jesus makes his triumphant entry into Jerusalem and everyone is happy to see him. An allegory for the sun entering Virgo.

When the harvest time ends, the sun moves into Libra (the scales). The are the Scales of Justice. Time now to sell the harvest. Scales are used for buying and selling. when nothing is left, the “moneychangers” pack it in and leave. Jesus is seen here as driving the money changers out of the temple. The season has passed, and the selling of harvest goods has ended.

Now we enter autumn. The leaves begin to fall and the trees wither. Jesus is said to have cursed the fig tree in this allegory. Jesus, the sun, causes the leaves to fall from the trees.

As we continual the annual journey, we reach the Last Supper with Jesus and his 12 Disciples. These are the 12 Zodiac months surrounded by the sun at the center making 13. This is the natural time of year to have a big feast. Even today, we celebrate the winter holidays with our own feasts. Without the harvest of food, man would perish … therefore, the sun truly is the giver and sustainer of life for all things. We eat the flesh of the fruit, and drink the blood of the grapes in allegorical representation of this feast. Figuratively, the sun which makes the fruit grow, and the grapes grow.

As the winter months progress, the Jesus story begins it’s decline as well. The days become shorter and colder. In October (Scorpio), it is the scorpion figuratively stinging the sun and beginning a slow death. Jesus is betrayed by Judas. Judas represents Scorpio. The 30 pieces of silver represent the 30 days of the month. The month is one full cycle of the moon … a circular piece of silver in the sky.

Once again, we visit darkness - as was represented by Herod. Now, Jesus is turned over to Pontius Pilate (meaning “of the sea”) Pilate also means “armed with spear” … a reference to Sagittarius, the Archer. Pilate represents as a personification, the last constellation of the year. The days get shorter and colder. Thinks look gloomy and dark. Whatever will be come of the Saviour, our Sun, as the year comes to a close?

Jesus is crucified and laid to rest in a tomb/cave. But have no fear, after three days he will rise again. This is the resurrection prophecy. In those days, it was December 22nd when the sun was at it’s lowest. It seems to be barely dtectable as it enters the tomb (and the underworld) below the horizon. On December 25th, the Sun begins it’s new cycle … heading back up and onward through it’s annual journey. The Saviour … Sun … has been born/reborn and so begins the same cycle and basis for the myth. Just as a new year begins, and ends.

The moment a new year begins, the cycle begins anew. Just as Just as “Father Time” (Chronos) rolls on into a new cyclical eternity, so the Sun of God shines his light upon the world. The Jesus story begins in a cave, and ends in a cave. Round and round the Zodiac we go, endlessly through the annual progression of the Sun.

Every Dying and Resurrecting Godman throughout history and ancient civilizations shares this myth. We owe much to the Pagan world of pre-Christianity, for this is where the very foundation for the Biblical allegories, metaphors, and myths originated. The names, places, and events were altered to present deeper symbolic spiritual meanings. All one has to do is reference the names and places as labeled in English, with a cross reference of the original Greek and Hebrew words, and all becomes evident and clear.

Even the name “Jesus” is a transliteration from the Greek Iesous, which came from the Hebrew Yeshua, Yehoshua, Yeshu, (Joshua and Jesus are the same names) which is arrived at in Hebrew by adding the letter “Shinn” the the unspoken name of God “YHWH” (Yahweh, Jehovah). YHVH was the name of their God - I AM THAT I AM. When the letter Shinn and it’s symbolic meaning of “Saves/Saviour” is added … we have YHSVH. Or, the symbol meaning “God is Saviour.” Therefore, the word Jesus itself simply means “God is Saviour.”

The esoteric and deep spiritual meanings of Divinity within mankind have not been touched up in this article. I wanted to merely present the Divine cycle of Life, as seen from the perspective of the Celestial Kingdoms, the planets (Greek meaning “wanderer”), and the stars above, and darkness below the horizon. The upper world, and the lower world … Heaven, and Earth.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.