19 November 2014

Has God Really Been Removed

Has God Really Been Removed?

How many times do we see it on the news? “School removes ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance.” Or the constant fight to remove “In God We Trust” from our monetary symbols. Even the battles to remove any reference to God in our court and justice system. Do you realize just how magnanimous and immeasurable such an undertaking would be to remove “God” from everything so as to be politically correct, or as not to offend the tiny populous of folks that have no belief in a God?

Well, let me tell you the Truth. The honest to God’s Truth. It is an impossibility. Not because of all the changes and work that would have to be done, but simply because all that exists in the entirety of the universe … IS GOD. It may not be the old man with a white beard sitting on a golden throne in the clouds, but it is who God truly is. And there are of course many names. God, Allah, El, Ra, Absolute, The All, Source, Almighty, Origin, etc. There are literally thousands of names that thousands of civilizations have given to this “God” … this higher power. Funny thing is, “God” in not His, Her, or Its name … it is WHO He, She, or It … IS. This is how we label the power that is greater than all of us. “God” is not the name, it is a title, a description, a classification … but not a name.

The honest Truth is … there is NO us. There is NO other. We are Actor’s in a Cosmic Passion Play. The word “person” comes from the Latin word “persona” which literally means “the mask of an Actor.” Instead of watching a movie released by “Universal Pictures,” WE are star-ring in a story being released by “Universe Pictures.” We are the writers, editors, creators, actors, grips, FX, CG’s, and our General Manager is not only our boss … but IS ACTUALLY US. God is experiencing Life with us, through us, and AS US. We are eternal Spirit having a material and physical experience. The entire universe is one massive organism of which we are all bits and pieces that hold it all together. There is no separate you or me, we are ONE … with everyONE. There are no separate things, there is ONE thing, and we are everyTHING. What we do to or for someone else, we do to or for our self.

If you can fathom this, your life will change immensely. We are made of star stuff. Everything in this universe came from ONE point of origin. Therefore, everything in the universe is made out of the same thing that that point of origin is made out of. The water in your drinking glass, shower, pool, puddles, rain, clouds, rivers, streams, oceans, appliances, cars, and hot tea … is still WATER. The same water that has been here since the beginning. We can’t “make” water. In fact, our bodies are made of something like 80% water. So water, like everything else, is ONE with the universe. A fish is one with the water. Between you and I, are things we can’t see. There is air, molecules, bacteria, oxygen, nitrogen, atoms, cells, germs, dust particles, airborne viruses … that we can’t SEE … but still tie us altogether as one living organism AS - and WITHIN - the universe … or … GOD/Source Energy.

Life … inspires and expires with each and every breath we take. Within each of us is the Divine spark of the origin of the universe. We are on a continuous cycle of re-generation. Your age is how many times you have revolved around the sun. All is NOW. The past, the future, is all right now living in this incubator that we call the universe. And I haven’t even touched on multi-verses yet. Where else would anything go? When someone dies, where else would they go? Heaven? The Afterlife? They’ll ALL in this universe. It’s an infinite balloon thats filled with everything all tied together with the seen and the unseen … with a common unconscious Matrix of common-union.

I could literally go on for days, but I won’t. Suffice it to say as we return to the title of this article … you can’t take “God/Source/I AM/I Exist” out of school, coins, courtrooms or anything else even if you tried … because ALL of these things ARE an individualized essence made of the entirety of what we call God/Source Energy. Everything is Spirit … energy. Matter is merely the lowest form of vibrating energy. You and I are waves in the ocean, inseparable, and collectively the ocean itself is God/Completeness and entirety.

You can peel off the label on a jar, you can scratch off the brand of a pencil, you can paint over what a sign says, you can cut off the brand label on a shirt … but it won’t change what these thing are. It won’t change the fabric, the contents, the material or fiber of what they are. We can’t make dirt, we can’t make water, we can’t make sand. It was already here. We can re-arrange it into something else, but every material we use was already here. And something … put it here. And that something, left within all that exists, a part of itself that by simple genetics tells us that everything in the universe is relative, and related. If your Mother and Father created YOU … then YOU, are THEM. We are born OUT of this earth, not into it. As a leaf comes forth from a tree, we come forth from the earth.

I have had many conversations with, and read many writings by many brilliant atheists. They know more about religion than people who practice it. They’ve done their homework. But the one thing I have found is that it’s not that they don’t necessarily deny belief in a God, it is that they have no belief in the God they were taught about. If you break it down to calling God the air that you breathe, how can one deny the existence of God? What if I said that God was the ever continuous light of the sun that burns 24 hours a day without fail throughout or entire Solar System. Could you deny the existence of God? Before “God” can be discussed, we must first find out from people who or what God really means to them. I guarantee you that you will get as many different answers as the number of people that you ask.

I hope I’ve given you enough basic information for you to understand that once two cups of water are poured into one pitcher, they cannot be separated or un-poured. They are ONE. Just as everything that exists in this universe is ONE. and that Oneness, is whatever you wish to call it. But among the ancient Wisdom and true religions of the past, and among the most brilliant philosophers and metaphysicians alive today … that one thing is called God. The Nature of immutable Universal Law that keeps this machine running, whether we pay attention to it or not.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.