27 November 2014

We Are Creators

We Are Creators

We’re made out of star stuff - all of us. The source of our creativity comes from the stars. As they send out the energy of their beings, you and I are the recipient. The stars, in their ever evolving nature, provide a constant source of energy within the entirety of the universe so that WE may create within this incarnation on the Earth plane.

The stars are our cosmic siblings, and work with us to further our spiritual growth as a Creator. When our Soul incarnated into our present Earth body, we forgot our eternal spiritual heritage, and our profound ability to create. Think of the stars and the spectacular force of energy they contain - and know that we too - are of the same energy and hold within us, the same power to create.

It is time to remember who we really are and where we really came from. We are a being of light - true light - consciousness light - with the ability to create all and experience all within this vast universe. Think about creation as the joyous activity it is meant to be. The possibilities of creation are endless. There is unlimited potential. While on Earth, we all have forgotten the power of what can be created, and what we have created before. Every Divine spark of energy is all-knowing - originating from God/Source Energy/Origin - and has the capability to become all that is desired. The real us is a collection of energy; therefore, we are all-knowing and have unlimited capacity to create.

On Earth, so many people do not believe that we are made of energy, nor do we believe that your ability to create is unlimited and boundless. Energy can not be created or destroyed. It is eternal. The first step in becoming more aware of our natural creation abilities is to become closer to and more conscious of our Inner and “Higher Self.” This connection will help us to break down the barriers that keep some of us non-believers in this universal re-generating universe.

Sometimes it is difficult to take new information purely on opinion or faith, and that is common for many people. People often look for proof, or scientific information before they can reach a personal conclusion, form an opinion, and then a believe system. There is scientific data available - right now - that not only defends and makes true what the ancients knew, but that can help us to understand many things about energy and the universe. Exploring topics on quantum physics (the study of matter at the atomic level) and cosmology (the metaphysical study of the origin and nature of the universe) along with celestial based Astrotheology, will help us gain some deeper spiritual insight and expand our personal awareness.

Many books have been written in every-day language, rather than scientific jargon, and are very easy to understand. Reading what Scientists have proven to be true, and have demonstrated through experimentation, or accepted theory - helps us to open our minds to the endless possibilities and potentiality contained within each of us. We may not understand all that is presented to us, but at least we should understand that a vast amount of scientific knowledge has been discovered, even though the general public may not be aware of much of it at all. We must research, study, and desire to know more about who we really are.

Another way to become more knowledgeable about the universe and scientific discovery is through the many TV programs that are carried on the Science Channel, National Geographic, or Discovery Channel, and many others. Even online documentaries can be found all over YouTube, Netflix, and numerous other video media outlets. Remember that whatever vehicle we choose; the purpose is to help open our minds about energy and the universe. When we begin to understand that the possibilities are endless, our unlimited creativity becomes unleashed … freed from captivity.

We are unknowingly creating every nanosecond of our life, but we are likely stuck in automatic mode which does not require any new input. This results in us choosing the same experiences again and again. We cannot do the same things over and over again and expect different results. We truly create every aspect of our life - so we must transition to a higher level of thought. Shouldn’t we make the most of our creations since they affect the day-to-day feelings and experiences of not only ourselves, but so many others that we share this infinite reality with?

We can build our awareness by being more conscious of the choices we make, our energy level, and our feelings so that we can begin to see how a set of different choices and feelings will create a different experience. Most people’s creations are rarely on a grand scale, but rather more at a local level. We create our experiences, which in turn affects those around us - whether it is our family, friends, or coworkers. WE can create harmony or chaos, happiness or sadness, and anger or forgiveness. At each moment the choice is ours.

To take our awareness of creation to the next level we will need to spend time in thought, in tranquil personal meditation - and in contemplative prayer. At the end of the day, we should review our choices and actions and ask ourself “was I conscious of this choice?” “Why did I make the choice I made?” “What other choices were available to me?” “What are the things that I could have created?” When in meditation or contemplative prayer - stillness and quiet inner connection - connect with the Divine consciousness - look deeply within yourself and explore how often we consciously create our experience. This is the Universal Law of Cause & Effect - what is called karma, or “doing.” Analyze what stops us from utilizing our conscious creation ability and visualize and imagine how an experience might have changed if we were more consciously aware of our power to actually create. Apply what we learn and little-by-little, we will see a change in the experiences we create. The world does not just happen around us. We are the one who are in control by what we choose to create - collectively - as an individualized essence of the whole.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.