03 November 2014

Momentum of The Mind

Momentum of The Mind

Have you ever run out out gas and had to try and push your car out of the way of line of traffic … or had to push someone else’s car? When you first start, from a dead stop, it’s really hard. But then after a couple of minutes you find yourself running along side of it and it seems as though it’s traveling all on it’s own. This, is momentum. Its mass and velocity. In Physics, it is the property of a moving object to continue moving. It is the strength or force that something has when it is moving.

Everything in the universe is in motion, even at a basic cellular level … there is motion … forward motion … and ultimately circular motion. All things moves in cycles. But in these cycles, there is forward motion as the default. Have you ever tried to ride a bicycle backwards, or run backwards. We face forward, because that’s where we’re supposed to be going. We look back in reference, then we move forward. Sometimes, we get stuck. We stall. But everything around us is still on target and we will fall behind if we don’t keep up with the natural order of things … and the speed and rhythm of the universe.

Every part of nature has it’s clock … circadian rhythms, yet they worry not about when things will come about. They know that the momentum has been set in motion. A Farmer does not dig up his crops to see if they are growing, he just KNOWS there is a harvest coming. The flowers bloom when it’s time. When nature says “now.” They don’t look around at the other flowers and make any comparison because they just know that their time is coming. It always has, and it always will. But they don’t rush. They don’t worry that it may not happen. The inner Divine within all things is pre-programmed by default to bring about ongoing change/flux. And the easier we understand momentum, the easier we can just run along beside the car trusting who is steering in the right direction.

Our Inner Divine is our GPS. We can follow the instructions, or we can chose not to. This may end up in getting to our destination, or it may end up getting us lost if we don’t. After a while, we learn the route and become one with the knowledge of our GPS. Our ego, who always acts on our senses and self-desires, will then become a follower rather than attempting to do the job it was never designed for … the leader.

Even within the pages of the New Testament Bible, Jesus is quoted as having said to Peter “get behind thee satan.” This did not mean that Peter was literally a figure we call Satan. The word satan (ha-satan) means the opposer. So the deeper allegory was let man follow Spirit, rather than Spirit follow ego-man. The power/intuition within us … the Divine … knows better than we do. After all, it operates our entire physical existence without us being consciously involved at all. And when something works that good, then that’s what we should be paying attention to … and that will keep our momentum going - upper, higher, and deeper within Higher consciousness.

Just a thought …

Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.