18 November 2014

Origins of Christianity

Origins of Christianity

We’re about to take an adventure into the deep ancient past to find out the true origins of Christianity, which includes the story behind why most churches have steeples rising from the rooftops and what the symbolism presents. It’s also the same similar symbolism behind the great obelisks of Egypt, London, The Vatican, and Washington, DC.

Although many centuries old, what is known today as Christianity is historically one of the newest religions, and it had the advantage of collecting bits and pieces of ancient esoteric knowledge, and collaborated multiple myths and fables from every previous religion that preceded it.

The story of the physical birth of Jesus Christ was pretty much copied verbatim from the birth of Krishna, where the virgin mother gave birth to him on December 25th (the winter solstice). This religion predates Christianity by thousands of years before the alleged time that Jesus was born.

The true historical origins of Christianity can be found in ancient Egypt, where there was a great contrast between the people who had wealth and power (the priests and politicians), and those who didn’t. They had a longing for immortality beyond the grave so they invented their own form of an afterlife in which the entrance into the afterlife was based on how well a person practiced and adhered to their religion, and not on how good of a person they were or the good deeds they accomplished.

So much of Christianity’s roots and basis, including the allegorical scriptures can be found among the ancient Pagan rituals and practices. Jesus even taught single eye meditation (the Eye of Horus among the Egyptians and the Pineal Gland), which is among many things that Christians have marked as evil, Pagan, and Satanic today. Yet, Jesus was quoted as having said “let your eye be single.”

Long before Christianity, people tried to find salvation among the Kingdom of Osiris. Before Osiris, was Ra (Amen Ra), who was born from an egg, which is part of the Easter myth. Among Christianity, one of the holiest days is Easter (the Resurrection of Jesus), which comes directly from the Babylonian Goddess of Fertility, Ishtar, who is also known as the Goddess of Sex (hence the rapidly multiplying rabbit). Tammuz, who was Ishtar’s husband, died - and every Spring, he would come out of a gray colored egg (Easter eggs) - a resurrection of sorts. On this day of fulfillment, the worshippers would all go to the temple. Among their traditions to celebrate the festival, women had to have sexual intercourse with the first male who came to the temple.

When God came from the egg, he became Amen Ra. His first name was actually “Amen” which is why Christians say “Amen” in the closing of prayers as opposed to the common belief that “Amen” means “so be it“ or ”and so it is.“ While on the subject of Ra the Sun God, notice also in Biblical scripture, Jesus is actually referred to as the ”Sun" of God, but you won’t hear much about this from the pulpits … amen. But back to where we were … after Ra was born out of the egg, he had a daughter named Maat (notice Maat, Mary, MR, Miriam, etc), who represented “Spirit”. His son, Thoth (also Hermes/Enoch) represented the “Word”. This is the origin of the original Holy Trinity.

In Memphis, Egypt, the story of creation involved God impregnating the Earth. His seed fell to the ground and life was given to the Earth. And who was born from this seed long before the bible was written? Adam, or Atum (or Atom, the center of all life and the center of the Universe). The name was changed to fit the English culture and was changed to Adam (Adamah in Hebrew) in Genesis. Both the Egyptians and the Greeks believed it was a sacrilege to reveal their secret doctrines of their Inner Mysteries (under penalty of death in some cases), which is why Jesus’ teachings were in parables to the outsiders, and direct to the Apostles of the inner circle.

One of my favourite metaphysical Bible researchers, Bill Donahue, teaches that the Kingdom of God is in the right hemisphere of your brain.  You can activate it by doing what Jesus said in John 21:6 by “casting your net to the right side”. Our right brain is where our limitless potentiality and imagination are. It is also EAST. The Sun of God rises in the east (East-er). Most churches and temples among the ancients faced east. When early Christians prayed, they prayed to the east. The sun “sets” in the west. It figuratively dies. Among other ancient figure was “Set” the evil twin. Every night, he would kill the sun … hence SUNSET. Set was also the basis for Satan.

The Sun God from Egypt, Ra, means “the Divine Mind”. His wife’s name was Nut. Ra caugh Nut embracing Zeb, the Earth God. Because of Nut’s infidelity, Ra decreed that Nut’s offspring could not be born on any day of the year. Thoth (the equivalent of Jesus) intervened on Nut’s behalf and won for her a 70 second portion of each day, which added up to 5 additional days that were added to the 360 day calendar.  Now, with the adaptation of the 365 day calendar, the Earth was in alignment with the seasons. After Thoth rescued Nut, she gave birth to 5 children: day 1, Osiris; day 2 Horus; day 3, Set; day 4, isis and on day 5, Nephthys. Isis married Osiris and they gave birth to Horus, too. The life of Horus is almost identical with the basis used for Jesus’ life.

Among ancient artifacts there is a famous statue of Isis sitting on a chair with baby Horus on her lap. In one of the European Catholic cathedrals, the same exact sculpture is used to show the baby Jesus sitting on the lap of Mary. Even the “Peter” used at St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican Square is actually a statue of the God Saturn (procured by force from the Pantheon of Gods) and re-labeled “Peter.” You can see the rings around his head indicating Saturn. Even today, among weddings, rings are exchanged as symbolism of having been joined by the God Saturn in matrimony. The rings also represent the endlessness of eternity.

Now back to Egyptian Myth … when Osiris was killed, his body was dismembered. Isis found most of the parts except for his sexual organ, to which she had a cast of his erected male member made, and she sent it to all of the temples in Egypt. It was decreed by Isis that in Egypt, all of the temples had to display the male sexual organ of Osiris in an erected state in a prominent place in the temple. This is why you have steeples on your churches, today. The Steeple also represents male dominant authority within the church system. Much in the same way as the obelisks are the masculine/Father penetrating the feminine/Mother creative principle from which all things emerge. The conscious mind is also representative of the masculine aspect since it implants or impregnates our subconscious mind with our thoughts and then they become manifest … the child of our thoughts.

Christians get freaked out if you mention that the bible is Astrotheology, yet in Genesis on the first page, God says to let the stars be for signs. Psalms 1:47 says God named all of the stars. Why did he call them Sagittarius, Aquarius, etc.? The whole bible was written in the stars long before it was put on paper. You can read the entire bible by looking at the stars. The Planets were Gods. It is a celestial cycle through the seasons of the annual cycle of the revolution of the Earth. Osiris was crowned King of Egypt at the age of 28 and ruled for 28 years.  The number 28 is in reference to the lunar cycle. For Jesus, there are the 12 houses of the Zodiac (12 Apostles) surrounding him (the Sun) in the center (the Sun of God). The Biblical time frames were also celestial. The Bull, Ram/Lamb, Pisces/Fish, etc… Ancient Communion (Eucharist - meaning thanks) used to be bread and beer.

When the culture of Osiris spread to Greece, it became the culture of Dionysus, who was the God of Wine, so communion was changed to bread and wine, which is still carried on today. But that … is for another day. All ancient religions are tied to one basic foundation. Trying to explain why we’re here, who or what put us here, and within each of us is the Divine Spark and essence of the All.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.