18 December 2014

Always In The Now

Always In The Now

One of the best books you could ever take the time to read is Eckhart Tollee’s “The Power of Now.” In this book he shows how there is no past or future there is only NOW. Past and future are just an illusion constructed by our mind. The key to happiness is to free ourself from our ego dominated mind, to stop dwelling on the phantoms of the past and future and just enjoy being in the here and now … in this very moment.

But our ego won’t let us. Our ego want’s to keep control of us through our mind. Constantly keeping us in a stuggle with the past and future. Keeping us separate from everyone and everything in the world. Almost like a huge competition where we must show ourselves superior.

Only by learning to free ourselves from the mind can we actually become happy. We need to try and stay as present as we can. Put gaps in the thinking of our mind. Concentrate on the task we are doing. Concentrate on our breathing. Go inside our bodies and learn to feel the true energy that is us.

During moments of relative minor stress, for there is almost constantly an underlying current of unease and tension in all of us, we must concentrate on keeping ourselves aware and in the present and free of our mind. By doing this we put ourselves in a high level of vibration and just like darkness is expelled by light nothing bad can enter when we are truly vibrating at a high level.

It’s kind of like a balancing game. On one end of the stick is the past, on the other end of the stick is the future … and right dead center … is the perfect balance. There is nothing going on in the center because it’s only job is to effortlessly maintain the balance … just by being there. The center doesn’t have to do anything but just be there. The moment it causes a lean/off-balance event … it leans back towards the past or up towards the future and has lost the position of now - effortless being.

By living in the now we learn that everything we can possibly need we already have. There needs to be no worry about needs of the future. Just like the universe supplies for all its creations so it will for us. What we need will make its appearance when the need arises. Everything is already here, and nothing has left or been lost. Even our relatives who have “passed” are all right here … in Spirit and Energy. Where else would they go? There is but one universe, and all things were always here and will always be here in one form or another.

As with all things in the universe, there are going to be up cycles and down cycles. Sometimes a down cycle may seem to last for a long period of time, bringing about worry concerning how future needs will be met. But when we understand that there is inherent balance in the universe, all things work out to a 50/50 range in the long run. All we need is duration. What goes up, must come down. All is energy and frequency … and these are waves that go up and down … just as the oceans do. When you find your way to accepting and knowing there is always good stuff coming, you’ll be able to be doing good even when things are in a bad cycle.

Sometimes it seems like magic. Sometimes just about at the last moment. Which makes me sometimes wonder why it couldn’t have come a little faster. But the need has always been met. It has to doesn’t? If all we really are is in the now, then it is already here.

But what I find interesting is I still fall back into the trap of worry. You would think after a need always being met for over twelve years the worry would end. But the mind won’t let it. Again showing we need to free ourselves from our mind. We use our mind, but we can’t let our mind use us. You’ve heard “free you mind” but I say … “free yourself.”

Quoting from The Power of Now, “All you really need to do is accept this moment fully. You are then at ease in the here and now and at ease with youself.”

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM, OCP., DM.