04 December 2014

Quantum Matrix

Quantum Matrix

The Quantum Matrix is a paper written by the brilliant and informative Adrian Cooper which explains the nature of the Universe and Experiential Reality in terms of the Quantum Field.

Science generally regards the Universe as 3 dimensional and solid, using this model as its basis. The Quantum Matrix uses both Quantum and Spiritual Principles to demonstrate that the Universe only APPEARS to be 3 dimensional, and matter only APPEARS to be solid and visible due to an illusion orchestrated by the five physical senses, conscious and subconscious mind and the organic brain. It is this same orchestration, convincing though it might be, that also gives the illusion of separation - between people and objects.

A further phenomena arising from these factors is the illusion of “time” which is closely related to the illusion of “space”, neither of which actually do or can exist in reality. These related twin illusions of time and space are directly and indirectly responsible for considerable misery and suffering as people organize their lives around the concept of time and the pursuit of material objects, neither of which have any basis in fact.

Further, Quantum Mechanics also proves conclusively that as matter does not exist (matter is simply the lowest form of vibrational energy), the physical sciences such as chemistry and physics have no basis either, and are really just a theorized set of rules invented by human beings in an effort to try and explain physical phenomena in terms of our five physical senses and instrumentation. Remember, everything we experience, we experience inside of our head through the sense centers of the brain. There really is no “outside.”

The change known as “death”, that is so much feared by people from birth … due to the notion that they believe life is merely the physical body, is another consequence the “time” and “space” illusion, supported by the medical industry who still lay claim that the brain is the mind. The Quantum Matrix shows how the physical body is only a temporal illusion, suited only to a brief life on Earth, and that Spirit, Mind and Consciousness are Eternal and an integral aspect of The Whole, The Universe, Source/God and can never be terminated.

Earth life is simply the beginning, the first step on the Spiritual ladder on the Sacred Journey back to our Source … the home where our spiritual energy is derived from. We are as puppets, operated from another place, and on stage here in this form on Earth … and it’s all an image … just as a movie on the screen coming from the light in the back of the room.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.