02 December 2014

Fifth Column

The Fifth Column

The Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) left a million dead. When the conflict seemed to be reaching its climax, General Emilio Mola commanded four columns moving toward the capital of the country. But, in addition to his four columns, he was counting on a special “fifth column” … one that had entered Madrid behind its defenses, to deliver the city to him when the exact decisive moment was to arrive. An early lesson in espionage. The best way to control your opposition, is to OWN your opposition. Imagine two soccer teams competing for the World Cup, both teams being owned by the same owners. Would the owner car who wins? No. They get all the benefits either way.

Among the many valuable lessons that history teaches us, we find the fall of empires and institutions that succumbed to internal forces. The historian (Gibbon (1737–1796) attributes the fall of Rome to internal, not external, causes. He mentions the fourteenth-century Italian poet, Petrarch, who described the fall of Rome as follows: “Behold the remains of Rome, the shadow of its early greatness! Neither time nor the barbarians can glory in having brought about this stupendous destruction: It was accomplished by its own citizens, the most illustrious of her children.” Just like many families and businesses, it was brought down from the inside by strife, competition, jealousy, money, and any other number of negative thoughts and actions.

Many civilizations have been defeated by the internal sabotage of fifth columnists. History warns us what can take place in government, political, business, empires, and religions. External opposition is not the worst enemy. Instead, the insidious deteriorating influences introduced by internal opposition and jealousy … along with MPG - Money, Power, and Greed, do the most harm. It is a cause from within that brings the effects of suffering - dis-ease. Just like what happened during the Spanish Civil War, the Fifth Column was already within the city, woven into the very fiber of the operation … that brought defeat for one, conquest for the other. Beware of distractions in your life and in the media. Many times we are told to “watch this hand” while the other one is busy at work pushing it’s alternative agenda.

So ask yourself, what has been the greatest defeat suffered by religious and spiritual systems, and in particular; what became the modern Christian Church? Was it the loss of life as a result of violence, martyrdom, and torture? No. The Crusades, The Inquisition, the invasions and the wars? No. The church’s greatest defeat took place when the original Truth, the ancient Wisdom of the Ages, the early teachings of Egypt, Greece, Persia, the Far East, India, and so many others … were invaded, revised, literalized, historicized, re-written, added to, and ultimately forced upon the common people as a universal (Catholic in Greek) system of religious control was imposed by Constantine and the Roman Empire.

It lost its purity and fervor. It lost the Inner Mysteries of life changing spiritual teachings and personal empowerment. When the church left it’s Gnostic, and Mystery School Inner Esotericism roots in favour of exoteric literal historical events and Saviour in the flesh, it plunged the world into the Dark Ages and was responsible for not only the fall of (or absorption of) Rome, but literally wiped civilizations off the face of the earth through it’s demanding force of Roman Christianity. The fifth columnists weakened the church internally, paving the way for the dilution of Gnosis (knowingness) and presenting by force the establishment of modern day pseudo-Christianity.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.