06 December 2014

What if You Were God

What If You Were God

Ask yourself that question. But I mean really ask it … and listen within for a reply. Imagine the demands, the prayers, the requests. I think the movie Bruce Almighty covered it pretty well in the email scene. But it didn’t quite go into the details of what it would take.

You see, if you were God (as God/Source is God) and you were actively involved and interacting with your offspring worldwide. You would eventually succumb to the fact that you cannot grant everyone’s magic wishes like a Genie or a Jinn found in a bottle along the seashore or between two rocks in the Himalayas.

Let’s take a very simple example of what I am talking about. Two baseball teams are at the World Series. Each side is praying that they win. What would you do? How do you decide? If one side wins, you’ve let down the other. If the other side wins, you’ve let down yet the other. There is no decision that can be made to please everyone … and to answer all the prayers coming at you like a snowblower working the streets of Albany in December.

I suppose we could come to the conclusion that both teams and all the fans should be thankful for such a wonderful event and to be able to attend with family and friends but thats not the issue. The issue is … how could you possibly handle pleasing everyone. The fact and Truth is that you can’t. even if you are God. Simply because it can’t be done. A coin must have two sides. It is duality that makes the world go ’round. It is when the two become one that we have reached the Divine essence of Christ-Consciousness and the Divine spark within us that is Source Energy/God.

We would come to the understanding that all of life has ups and downs. Good and bad. Day and night. Hot and cold. Smooth and rough. These are all polarities of one principle that help us to discern what the principle is. When we remove the “competition” … the illusion dissipates, and the Truth is appears. Can we save every baby that is sick and dying? Probably. Because they are not competing. Remove the wars, the battles, the power struggles and we could actually achieve Godhood. Instead of spending billions on wars trying to eradicate mankind and all he has built, imagine what could be accomplished if we spent those billions on health research and saving lives?

I guess the point I’m trying to make is the easiest way to stay clear of an argument, is not to take sides and don’t get involved in it in the first place. If it can’t be solved with peace, it can’t be solved. Look … of you have a problem that has no solution - then why worry about it? If you have a problem that HAS a solution - then why worry about it? Source/God is like Houston Control Center for NASA. We report back with what we have done, we get instructions on how to do it better, then we decide through either our ego, or our Divine mind what is best … not only for us … but for everyone.

You wanna be God? Ask everyone to only think of what is best for others, and to only behave in a manner that is best for others, and there can be no consequences for either other, or yourself. There can only be benefit. Even Jesus was quoted as saying “love God with all your heart, love your neighbor as yourself, and on these hang all the commandments.” When we get rid of the “me” of ego, and stick with the “I AM” of Spirit, things will begins to change in everyones lives. Immediately. But it all starts within each of us … because the universe isn’t coming at us, it’s coming from us.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.