03 December 2014

Civil-ization or Evil-ization

Civil-ization or Evil-ization

I have noticed that in times of tragedy, both of these behaviours co-exist. Particularly, during extreme weather conditions, power outages, unrest and protest, there are aways people who help and act civil - and there are those who make it worse and act evil.

We have currently 3 Kingdoms established. Animal, plant, and mineral. If we’re ever going to create a Human Kingdom, then we must stop the crime and violence that come with civil unrest. We MUST become CIVILIZED without simply using the word. To call the state of affairs in our world today “civilization,” is like calling a Cobra a domesticated pet for children.

There is work to do my friends … and guess what? Comic book Superheroes and religious deities aren’t going to fly down and sweep up crime and violence. It is up to US to change the world … and THAT change begins WITHIN each and every person.

History has proven time and time again, that change CAN begin with JUST ONE. One becomes 2, then 4, then 8, then 16, then 32, then 64, then 128, etc. Let’s see if we can control our own personal ego-centric nature, and make decisions, thoughts, and actions for the COMMON GOOD. It IS possible. And eventually, once the illusions dissipate, and the Truth rises to the surface, we will establish our Human Kingdom.

Remember, HU is an ancient name for God, and MAN is an ancient Sanskrit word for Mind or Mankind. We have a great responsibility here on Earth in this life, and each of us play an integral part of what the future will being for our children.

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.