20 December 2014

Three Letter Word Why

Three Letter Word Why

Just in the last couple of days there has been carnage, death, NYPD Officers killed, students held hostage, teachers murdered … why?

Why? That 3 letter word that always causes so much grief. Why did it have to be cancer? Why did it have to be my baby that died? Why did it have to be my husband that was killed in the war? Why did I make such a stupid decision? Why did I trust someone who couldn’t be trusted? Why did the plane crash into the neighborhood homes? Why was I born with a deformity? Why do so many people die of heart attacks?

It’s that damn “why” thing. And sometimes we have answers, and sometimes we don’t. Today, in NYC, two random NYPD Blue had their lives ended in retaliation for something someone else did. How long are we going to keep this up? How long is it going to take us to understand there is no white man, there is no black man, there is no yellow man, there is no red man, there is no Jew, there is no Muslim, there is no Christian, and I could go on forever. These are labels. Names. ID’s. And they all cause separation rather than unity.

There is only mankind. There is only ONE race. The Human Race. Throw all those labels with the people they are associated with behind an X-Ray machine … then tell me what they are. The only reasonable and logical answer would be bipedal upright human beings. Which one of those X-rays are you going to pic out of a line-up? We are NOT our labels. Therefore, when random acts of violence occur, they are random acts of inter-species atrocities. Mankind vs. mankind. Now what kind of sense does that make? What sort of Super Bowl would we have with ONE team? “Why” play the game?

We say it every day … Christians need to stop killing people, Muslims need to stop killing people, Whites need to stop killing people, Blacks need to stop killing people, etc. What we really need to be saying and following is … HUMANS NEED TO STOP KILLING FELLOW HUMANS. People say “you gotta fight fire with fire.” Ask any Firefighter and they’ll tell you that’s never gonna stop the burning. You fight fire with water. You douse it, spray it, hose it down, and put it out. You STOP IT from doing further damage.

In our society today it seems there are more people inciting violence, than there are people promoting love, honour, respect, compassion, and peace. Does racism exist? YES. So then, let’s douse it. Let’s STOP the burn. All it is is a bunch of shit somebody threw at your unconscious mind from childhood on up, and rather that operating our lives from our 5% conscious reality … we let our unconscious (that would be NOT aware) rule over our conscious (aware) mind. Even from within our conscious awareness, we have to battle the ego … because it wants what it wants and we give in. STOP IT.

When are we going to learn that killing people, to show people that kill people, that killing people, is UNACCEPTABLE. This is OUR planet. This is OUR home. We were born here. And we will die here. And … since we are energy … we will stay here — FOREVER. We didn’t inherit this planet from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children, and their children, and their children’s children. If we don’t … we’ll soon be dodging bullets as we cross the street to buy toxic GMO food. Our children will have essays in school like “What I Want To Be … IF … I Grow Up.” Our prison system is filled with non-violent people that made silly mistakes. We all learn from our mistakes. Thank God for SIN … it’s the only thing that teaches us. We’re not punished FOR our sins … we’re punished BY our sins (error in judgement/ignorance).

So we go back to that damn 3 letter word again. WHY? Because some things just ARE. They cannot be changed. We have no influence over them individually. But collectively … together …. operating as one giant ant farm —- we can make magic happen. Humans without labels. Love and Wisdom, peace and joy. So, WHY should we change the world WHY? Because WE CAN … that’s WHY.


And for once … we don’t have to ask WHY? We already know why. So let’s align our behaviour to that which we know is right … for other, and for self.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.