06 December 2014

Mystery of The Trinity

Mystery of the Trinity

The Kabbalah characters of Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn, the major outer planets on the Tree of Life, define the Trinity of Christianity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But the Tree also explains the great mystery of the One God in Three Persons.

The One God/Source Energy is the Divine, Supreme Spirit of the Sun, the life and heart of all Creation on Earth. The Three Persons of the Trinity are embraced and united in the Spirit of this One God just as these major planets are embraced by the Sun as part of the sun family, the single Solar System.

This understanding and knowledge has not survived and priests mutter vaguely, utterly unconvincing, about ‘the ineffable mystery of the Trinity.’ It is time we knew the facts behind the origins of this faith system.

Mary’s Heavenly Marriage

The Trinity is now a Quaternity (4) with the papal dogma of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Bride of the heavenly Bridegroom, Christ. The astrology of the Kabbalah explains this new mystery of Christianity in comprehensible terms. Mary represents Eve redeemed, theology finally embracing our earthly natures. It is no coincidence this dogma parallels the long-overdue emancipation of women.

Heaven on Earth endorses Carl Jung’s interpretation of one of the most significant implications of this monumental dogma, the fulfilment of a central prophecy of the Book of Revelation. Jung observed Divine unions are rarely infertile - and recalled the appearance of Sophia (Wisdom), towards the end of the Old Testament period, as the ‘helpmate’ of Jehovah. This was followed by the Birth of the Divine Son, Christ.

The Divinity of Women

Carl Jung also foresaw the Birth of a new Divinity and traced the development of God becoming man in Christ and then the Assumption of the earthly Mary to a throne in Heaven alongside the Trinity.

What Jung suggested was that the new Divinity would be mankind, though perhaps womankind presents a more convincing case. If we have the Divine Spirit of the Gods within us, we have only to recognize this ultimate blessing to discover our own divinity, theologically speaking.

More practically, it is clear that we have inherited many of the omnipotent powers of God/Source. While we should beware of the fatal disease of conceit, we should accept more responsibility for ourselves and our world. Share the responsibility with God, instead of disregard, and questioning how God can allow such inhumanity - as we constantly foster, support and perpetrate all the horrible events that continue worldwide. It is US that are responsible the fix the effects or our cause.

In the Bible Book of John 10:34 we find that Christ quotes Psalm 82: ‘They know not, neither will they understand, they walk on in darkness, all the foundations of the world are out of course. I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are the children of the Most High.” Jesus answered them and said, "Is it not written in your law I said, Ye are gods?”

Good and Evil, a Battle of the Planets

The astrological Kabbalah of the Tree readily explains the much debated question of evil, the Devil and Satan, in down to earth terms that we can recognize as sensible. The Heaven on Earth picture (shown frequently as a dome of the sky over the earth) shows the Kingdom, Earth, under an Egyptian image of Horus and Set, the gods of the Sun and Saturn. They represent the two spirits of Good and Evil. In ancient myth, when the SUN dies at night, it was said to have been killed by SET (or later Satan). This is where we get “SUNSET” from … or the SETting sun.

In Christianity Satan, the Devil, portrays the spirit of Saturn with the cloven hoof and horns of a goat, representing his ruling Sign, Capricorn, the Goat. This does not simplistically point the finger at Capricorns. With the Sun in this Sign, their understanding of materialism is often more enlightened than most.

Since Earth is also ruled by the Goat, Saturn’s materialistic spirit is particularly influential. It blinds us to the subtler spirits, love, relationships, humanity, caring, joy, happiness, which we cannot measure, touch or see, or put in the bank – except with God/Source uniting us as one unified people working towards a common good.

We also see Christ’s Cross, the focus of Christianity, as a symbol and logo for the Tree of Life which bestows immortality. Suddenly the esoteric myth of the Resurrection of Christ makes much more credible sense, does it not? Please, do your own research always. everything we have learned has been someone else’s opinion or history, right or wrong. Let it speak to your heart. You’ll know what’s right … because you already do. You just forgot it. It’s time to re-member.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.