18 December 2014

Straight Line

The Straight Line

What if I were to tell you that if you followed the magic straight line your entire life, then nothing would ever go wrong for you. Think about that. Just follow this straight line, and nothing bad will ever happen. Now, ask yourself “would that be a good thing?”

The odd thing about this scenario is, that you would never know that nothing was going wrong for you. Because without the contrast of black and white, cold and hot, day and night, good and bad, you would have nothing to compare it to and therefore would not have any knowledge of it.

The roller coaster is a thrill ride because of it’s ups and downs, lefts and rights, upside down and right side up. Leaving for work in the morning might be a downer if you don’t like your job, but when you leave work and head off to Happy Hour, you’re back up again. After all, what good is a rocking chair that doesn’t rock back and forth?

Then there’s the Holidays. A time for celebration with family and friends … an up time of experience. The Holiday ends, and you’re sad that everyone leaves and it’s over. But it’s only over … until the next time. So it is with everything in life. If things are not going well right now, universal Law says right around the corner things will get better. The entire universe operates this way. Frequencies, radio waves, colour hues, vision, harmonics, all waves - and all up and down. Just like the ocean. The waves swell, and then they drop. Ebb and flow. The tide rolls in, the tide rolls out.

If you have a fear of the dark, you leave the lights on when you go to bed and you know that morning and sunlight is coming again tomorrow. There’s a cycle of days, weeks, months, years, solar years … cycles of everything. We tend to see things as a timeline, but time is something we invented that recycles every time we go around the sun. So, if you’re 27 years old, you have revolved around the sun 27 times. But in actuality, along this timeline, are cyclical events. We go out, we come back in. It’s kind of like when you return from vacation. All your friends ask “where did you go, what did you do, who did you see?”

So, even if you could have that straight line of perfection … why would you want it? It would leave you empty of life’s total experiences. The ups and downs. The losses and the wins. The smile and the frown. Now take this same concept and think of yourself as God just for a moment. Everything is always perfect. Never anything different to provide change and a challenge. So you invent obstacles … just to add some more excitement to your existence. Then after a while, you want more change … something different that the everyday hum-drum. So what do you do? You create a button thats says “SURPRISE” … and here you are. Experiencing life through us, with us, as us. Never knowing whats around the next corner. Always presented with challenges and problems in order to hurdle the challenges and solve the problems.

I’ll leave this article with one of my favourite quotes:

"If you have a problem that has no solution … why worry about it? If you have a problem that has a solution … why worry about it?

Don’t worry … be happy. Accept what life throws at you and be a victor, instead of a victim.

Just a thought ….

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.