12 December 2014

Life Is A Highway

Life Is A Highway

Don’t take the same road everyday, or you will experience the same things everyday. For change to occur, change must be made.

When turning direction, look both ways … and use a signal for safety. Be sure to check your rear view, just as a reminder that there may be something there that could harm you.

Don’t carry too much of a load. You probably won’t need it all at your next destination. We always brings too much, and forget something we needed.

Stay in your own lane, and keep your mind focused on the road ahead. Forward is the direction you are heading in. Have you ever tried to ride a bike backwards?

Don’t go too fast or too slow. You don’t want to leave everyone behind, and you also don’t want to slow anybody down. Go with the flow. What you resists, will persist.

If you get tired, pull over and rest. You can get back on the same road if you have to, or try a different path that might be better for you. You’ll decide better when you’re well rested.

When you pass someone, be careful. Make sure no one is at risk. And Remember, just because you passed them, doesn’t mean you’re not on the same road anymore … you’re just in a different place.

Drive in the light when possible. It’s always harder to see in the dark. It’s the light that disperses darkness, not the other way around. Funny thing though, even at the speed of light … there’s darkness already there waiting for it to arrive.

Above all, never cross the double yellow line. Do not put anyone else at risk or cause injury to anyone else because you’re in a hurry or being careless. We desire Freedom, but that would be anarchy. What we really desire is Liberty. Freedom within a set of common guidelines that are beneficial to all.

You only get one tank of gas. There are no refills. Use it wisely. Don’t keep looking at the fuel gauge, it will only remind you of what is left, and what has been wasted. The closer you get to the end of the toilet paper roll, the faster it goes by. Take your time. Enjoy the journey.

Simply enjoy the ride, take time to observe the scenery, make a rest stop every now and then, and don’t look at accidents unless you can help. Learn from your own, do not gloat in anyone else’s. Take each moment as the now that it is … because all we really have is now.

Be compassionate, understanding, and thoughtful of others. We are all on the same interconnecting system of highways and byways. Keep your trash to yourself, or place it in a container designed for it. Watch out for other life that may cross the road (your path) at any time, and smile. You’re alive.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.