11 December 2014

Transition From Life to Life

Transition From Life to Life

Epicurus once said:

Why should I fear death? If … I AM, death is not. If … death is, I am not. Why should I fear that which can only exist, when I do not?

Death is not the end of life. You (or any other person) cannot ‘NOT’ exist. Please reference the following:

“When we are alive, we define ourselves by what we can see, hear, or touch. We are tissue, bone, and matter. When people die and we can no longer connect with them through our senses, we cannot help but to think that they no longer exist. This is not true. As Albert Einstein proved decades ago, everything is made of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only change form. You cannot ‘not’ exist, you can only transform. Death cannot end your life, it can only enhance who and what you are.” ~ Cyndi Dale

Death is a transition. It is the final stage of human physical life, but not spiritual life. Death has been given the stigma of something negative, something that spells the end for all life, which is not true at all.

When the spirit or soul leaves the body, it moves forward to the next dimension that just happens to be different from this dimension that deals with physical life. The next dimension (and subsequent higher dimensions) does not require a physical vessel like life on Earth. In these other dimensions, the soul is free to travel without a hindering vessel like here on Earth, like what happens while astral traveling or dreaming. While dreaming or astral traveling (out of body experience), your Soul is outside of your physical body.

A big problem we make here on earth is that we confuse the physical body as the real person or soul instead of knowing that the flesh body is only a vessel that contains the soul for its duration on this realm in a particular lifetime (as there are subsequent lifetimes). Living and dying are nothing new to us. We have died and reincarnated numerous times. You’re kind of like the driver of the car, but NOT the car.

You may have heard that “we are SPIRITUAL beings experiencing a physical existence”, and this is very true. Regardless of how you may define death or transition, it is the emotional tie to the physical manifestation of the soul that humans find most difficult to process.

We get caught up on the physical shell and miss the fact of the soul, so when the present life’s body ceases to exist, we become saddened and only so due to the fact that we became attached to the body rather than the soul.

The soul (the real person or entity) never dies nor can it. It simply changes outfits or bodies. It’s like having a closet full of outfits and considering each day as a lifetime. The soul is merely changing outfits (body) for each new day (lifetime).

This teaching was at one time, avery long time ago - part of the Bible - before any and all references to reincarnation or transmigration were removed by the Roman Church during one of it’s many edits, revisions, and updates.

It is very sad and unfortunate that religion does not deal in or with metaphysics or the occult interpretation of existence. The few exceptions are Gnostic Christianity, Jewish Kabbalah, and Islamic Sufism.

You … the REAL YOU … is Eternal. You are the Watcher, the Observer, the Witness. You are the projection into this world.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.