11 December 2014

Manifesting Your Desires

Manifesting Your Desires

Law of Resonance

Simply stated The Law of Resonance means - like energies attract.

One of the coolest ways to demonstrate resonance is to use two guitars. Pluck a string on one of the guitars. Now lightly touch the same string on the second guitar. It will be vibrating because it has the same frequency as the string you plucked. (providing of course, that they have both been tuned properly)

Your thoughts are energy as well. And just like the plucked guitar string caused similar energy to start vibrating so too will your thoughts. What you think has a corresponding resonance. Thoughts truly are things … energy things. Your thoughts match up with similar objects and circumstances.

Now … an important factor to remember is that if you are around negative frequencies, then do NOT be the second guitar. Don’t just start vibrating at a frequency because someone near and around you is.

You are human. You have emotions. If someone is around you vibrating with a strong frequency - you will too. Just like the second guitar vibrates. Interestingly enough the second guitar is said to be sympathetic to the first, vibrating in sympathy with the plucked string.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE sympathy (support, agreement) for them. Sympathy in this case means your vibrations are “in sync.” For example you may be mad and angry and arguing with someone. At this point you certainly don’t have sympathy for that person but your vibrations are sympathetic.

When you are near a person exhibiting strong emotion you will probably being vibrating in sympathy with their emotions. At this point you can be like the second guitar and begin vibrating with their emotion or you can choose to create your own vibrations. Just like someone could take the second guitar and start playing it differently from the first.

Your vibrations are your choice. But if you don’t make a conscious choice you WILL vibrate with the emotions of others. Even though OUR vibrations are OUR choice we find it hard sometimes, don’t we? Especially when confronted with strong emotions. In fact at times it may seem we have no control and that our emotions are being tossed about by the circumstances of our life or even the circumstances of the lives of others. These emotions frequently lie in our subconscious/unconscious mind and we have no conscious/awareness control over them.

Please understand you can gain control, even if just a little at a time. If you are mindful and pay close attention to what is taking place, it will help you take control of your emotions and center them on what you want and take the off of what you don’t want.

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of the Manifester. Consider it your reminder and guide to where you want to be. Yes you can do it without the Manifester, but the Manifester makes it so much easier and helps insure that you are moving in the right direction.

Can your environment and/or the people in your life influence what you want to manifest into your life? of course they can and other people in your life can influence what you manifest into your life. Remember, it is you who are doing the manifesting. But your thoughts and emotions can be influenced by others.

But we aren’t always in control of our emotions. Sometimes we may be having the greatest day and then someone or something may do something to ruin it. Perhaps someone trys to convince you that your dreams and aspirations are unreasonable. Perhaps someone brings up an aspect of your own personal character that you dislike and are working to change.

Yes we do have the choice of how we react. But for many it is hard not to react in a negative manner. Especially at first. We always have that first initial emotional response. It does however become easier to control after time has passed. Know that more than 95% of the time we are responding out of our subconscious mind and not out of our conscious/awareness mind. Old thoughts pop up from playing back past experiences.

Consider watching a movie. Notice how we respond emotionally to what we are seeing on the screen, even though we know it isn’t real. This is what is known as the, “momentary suspension of disbelief.” What we are watching is not real, but we find ourselves caught up in emotions that are very real.

You are human. You are going to experience a wide variety of emotional responses during the course of the day based on the experiences you have that day. And we need to be honest with ourselves and realize that at times we are going to get sidetracked by these emotional experiences, which are not in harmony with that which we are wanting to manifest into our lives.

Who is going to manifest their dreams faster? The person being told, “You can’t! You can’t! You can’t!” or the person being told, “You can! You can! You can!” The answer is obvious.

We also need to be aware that what we see in our environment can play a role in what we manifest. Someone who lives in a part of town that sees poverty and crime everyday is going to have a harder time manifesting abundance than someone who already lives it everyday.

As if it isn’t hard enough for us to combat negative influences by what we see and hear. There are also the things we don’t consciously see and hear that go directly to our subconscious mind. Our senses are constantly being blasting our brains with stuff we are aware of, and stuff we are not aware of.

Did you know your senses bombard your brain with so much data at any one time (about 10 million bits of information per second) that, in order to maintain your sanity you only process a very small fraction of the incoming data (about 40 bits per second)?

But don’t think that your subconscious isn’t taking in a lot more than you are aware of. And don’t think this isn’t influencing what you are manifesting. We have many things influencing what we are manifesting that we are not aware of.

We have over 50,000 thoughts a day. Are you aware of all those 50,000 thoughts? Can you tell me what your 50,000 thoughts were yesterday? Of course not. But they’re there … hard at work. Those 50,000 thoughts are influencing what is manifesting into your life. This is why it is so important to learn to quiet our minds.

We need to learn to silence our mind so we can have a direct connection to our subconscious which in turn has a direct connection to our higher self. Through the silence we can then make sure we are only sending the thoughts which will align with that which we actually WANT to manifest in form.

Consider a calm lake. You throw a rock into the lake. You can see the ripples of the waves made by your rock. But what happens if a thousand other rocks are also thrown in with yours. The wave from your rock will get lost in the myriad of other waves. Same with karma. What you think or do, affects not only yourself, but other aspects of yourself - other people.

Your thoughts ultimately determine what you manifest in your life, but your thoughts can be influenced or even lost. You are human. We need something to distract our distracting thoughts, to help us quiet are minds and concentrate on what we want in life. If you are constantly in control of your emotions then great, but if you are like most of us that is easier said than done.

We already know how to do everything … we just have to remember it and tap into it through concentration and attraction. The entire universe is an infinite mind which we are all an essence of. If one person has done it then be assured one person has paved the way for the rest of us. It’s like a giant invisible library that we have free access to. The problem is that the majority of people do not know how to access this database of universal consciousness that weaves all of us together.

Our brain operates on different frequencies. When we are wide awake and alert we are in a beta frequency which falls between 14–30 Hz. When we are relaxed we are in an alpha frequency between 8–13 Hz. When we are in a trance like day dreaming state, we are in a theta frequency between 4 –7 Hz. When we are asleep we are in a Delta frequency between 0.5–4 Hz.

Theta is the state of mind we need to be in to influence our subconscious and discover our infinite mind. This is the same place we wander into when playing music, or creative right brain activities. It’s the unlimited God/Source side. This puts us in direct contact with infinite intelligence. And it’s here … and NOW. Where else would it be? All things are here and now. Even the 2036 Ford Mustang is here and now … it just hasn’t had the parts assembled yet. But everything we need to build it is already here … and has been here since the beginning of the universe.

Now, this may come as a shock to some of you … but the heart is also a feeling and thinking organ like the brain. The brain is more rational while the heart is more intuitive. Your brain opens the doorway to infinite intelligence while your heart does the actual communicating … through your emotions.

Concentrate on your heart and you produce a field of electromagnetic energy. Concentrate on the emotions of your hearts desire and that field of electromagnetic energy will align with the energy of the universe. This will bring your intentions into reality. That energy actual goes beyond you and mixes with others. It can’t be seen but it has been measured.

That desire you have for whatever it may be … that emotion you feel … comes from deep within the heart. When you read an instruction manual, for instance, without some force helping you and instructing you or telling you you to do it, you can read it over and over again and it’s just words on a page. You have to tap into the universal subconscious mind of all things where you will already KNOW how to do it.

Have you ever desired to do something or learn something and when you began, it just seemed to come naturally? There wasn’t a struggle? It just fell into place and off you ran with it? That’s you actually re-membering - re-tapping into the master mind that knows all things. The Omniscience Source of everything. You see, your unconscious/subconscious mind already knew how to do this thing. You just needed to attract the knowledge back to you.

When we learn something new … what do we say? I “found” out something knew today. Finding something means it was already there. Discovering … same thing. If you say “learned” it was already there for you to learn. Nothing is ever lost. We live within a vast universe of mind. And it’s all in our head. Every experience we every have in is our head … because thats where our sensory centers are. We live our entire minds with the darkness of our skull.

The light, the thoughts, the entire universe emanates from within us … and we are all co-creators of that which we experience. But we are the Witness … the one who is watching. We are not the things that are happening on the screen in the movie. We’re the ones watching … and projecting ourselves and our life onto the screen from that bright light in the back of the room. If you can take 15 minutes a day and truly concentrate ONLY on the things you would like to experience in life, you will attract them to you. 15 minutes a day. No randoms thoughts … just concentration. The mind and the heart will connect with the universe and help you manifest in form what it is you desire … because it is already here. When you open the back door and call your dogs name, does he not come running?

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

Thanks also to B. Jackson.