13 December 2014

Celestial Origins of All Scripture

Celestial Origins of All Scripture

Even with all we the information and knowledge that we have today, historically … the vast majority of Christians are unaware that the ancients observed the movements of the Sun and other celestial orbs for hundreds and thousands of years. These visible manifestations of heaven’s orbs and their movements and correspondences to each other, were later personified and allegorized into parables and myths that were later incorporated by these Ancient Masters into their sacred Scriptures the world over.

These Scriptures ended up passed down in the sacred books of nation after nation through millennia, eventually coming to rest in the Old and New Testaments of our Bibles, both Hebrew as well as Christian. These sacred texts and personified narratives later end up by those not possessing the sacred “keys” to these Scriptures mistakenly and wrongly read, interpreted, and taught by both Judaism and Roman Christianity through the medium of presumed literal and historical persons, places, and events.

The order of the visible heavens and their interworkings and interrelationships, expressed a divine harmony, and thus served for humankind, as important archetypes, paradigms, patterns, and examples for all humankind to model and emulate in their Earthly incarnations as Souls.

This is the will of the God/Source of the universe for all created material/physical manifestations including humanity. From this understanding of these Scriptures, not actually literally or historical in the normal meanings of the words, our Souls have before them a pattern and example of spirituality and righteousness God/Source intends all of humanity emulate. Lacking the methodology used by all ancient writers of Scripture, it was only natural that common men and women read these texts and Scriptures as if they were actually literal or historical in nature.

This has been the primary manner by which most all of the Scriptures of our Bibles have been read since the rise of Orthodox Roman Christianity since the earliest part of the 3rd century CE. This level of understanding of sacred Scripture, which the Bible terms “milk,” is not the intended meaning of them that all Souls are meant to “awaken” unto in their Earthly pilgrimages. Nor was it the way that the earliest Gnostic Christians read these same Scriptures before the rise of Orthodox Roman Christianity.

Mythically … that is, through the use of myths - the Ancient Masters were able to describe to common people the Descent and incarnation of God into all material existence, including them, whereby God/Source lives, moves, and has His Being in all cosmic material manifestations.

This celestial Truth, that the Kingdom of God/Heaven exists within every human being, was portrayed by the Ancient Masters to ancient nations through the literary agency of myths … surface stories with deeper meaning. Unknown to most all Christians, is that fact that the entire Gospel story of Jesus, not to mention 95 percent of the rest of the Bible, are collections of celestial myths.

Contrary to being deceptions or fairy tales, the Ancient Masters employed myths as the “truest of all history.” Alvin Kuhn once said, “The myth is the only true narrative of the reality of human experience. It is the only ultimately true history ever written … as it is the actual experience of life in its evolution. Real as history is, it is finally less true than myth. The myth is always and forever true; actual history is never more than an approximation of the truth of life.” Joseph Campbell once said “Myth is something that never was, yet always is.”

Unknown to most Christians is the undeniable fact that myths were the favorite and universal method of teaching in ancient times. At the heart of these myths lay the personification of the Sun and its path through the Zodiac and the four seasons of the year; (the four Equinoxes and four Solstices).

This Descent of life-giving Cosmic Energy-Spirit seen represented in the Sun, a picture of God/Source Himself sharing his life-giving Essene (healing) and Energy with all material existences in the solar system, was shared with all through personified narratives of the inter-workings of the universe, which is the visible manifestation of “God’s body.”

These myths spoke to them of all universal physical existences, and when properly understood and interpreted when possessing the necessary “keys of interpretation” of sacred Scriptures, the secrets of life and its evolution was revealed to them through the interaction of parable, symbolism, and allegory.

How do you describe something that lays beyond the ability of the five senses of humanity to see, touch, feel, hear, or experience in Earthly life? The Ancient Masters chose “myths” as the way by which they could relate to humankind the eternal universal cycles of gestation, birth, life, death, and rebirth of the Soul/Divine Mind/Christ in humankind.

These mythological depictions of a spiritual realm beyond the ability of the five senses of the animal body that houses the Soul, to see or experience this spiritual realm, and the process of recycling of Cosmic Life and Divine Consciousness, end up pictured to humankind in their sacred Scriptures through the use of fables, myths, allegories, metaphors, mythologies, parables, symbolisms, etc.

At other times, the eternal recycling of Cosmic Life was imaged to the finite minds of humanity through the use of legends, folklore, traditions, symbols, images, similes, glyphs, ciphers, secret codes, crytograms, gematria, numerology, etc. All of these forms of literary expression fill the pages of not only the Bible, but as well as every sacred book around the entire world.

The greatest of all tragedies occurs when such Cosmic and spiritual Truths regarding the hidden and spiritual evolving divinity of Eternal Souls, becomes reduced in quality by the ignorant and uninitiated - as if these Cosmic realities applied to a solitary physical human named Jesus instead of the Souls of every human being that has ever lived, or will live. The early formation and modern Roman Christian church system was designed for control … in this life, and beyond. It should have been for empowerment. We would have seen a much better world by now if it had.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.